Celebrating Art and Creativity at the Hays County Government Center

The Cultural Arts Program at Hays County Government Center is dedicated to showcasing local artistic initiatives & encouraging creativity. Learn more about their upcoming exhibitions.

Celebrating Art and Creativity at the Hays County Government Center

The Cultural Arts Program at the Hays County Government Center is devoted to exhibiting local artistic endeavors and encouraging creativity. Every organization or artist that lends works of art for display must submit a full loan agreement to the Arts Committee. The artwork in an exhibition will be loaned to the County by the artist or the Organization at no cost to the County. To honor Trans People's Visibility Day, transgender and non-binary students in Texas are utilizing art to express themselves and demonstrate what it means to be trans.

Works of art submitted in electronic format may be shown without the audio portion, if any, at the discretion of the Arts Committee and as needed to carry out its business activities at the Hays County Government Center. This exhibition will be available for viewing during the months of February to May, of course, pending the current guidelines defined by Hays County leaders in the midst of the public issue of the coronavirus pandemic. If approved in writing by the building manager, the Arts Committee can allow the lender to uninstall an exhibition or to help the Arts Committee dismantle and remove all the works of art and other components of an exhibition. Hays County does not receive commissions or compensation for the sale of works of art displayed at the Hays County Government Center.

The goal of this program is to present a series of exhibitions that reflect the artistic excellence and cultural diversity of the Hays County metropolitan area and promote its cultural and economic initiatives. The works of art displayed in these public areas must be appropriate for an office environment and for public officials, county employees, and citizens who carry out business transactions in the building to view. In this era when virtual events are a regular part of life, a group of art students from Texas who were working on their thesis came together to show their latest work in a new virtual art exhibition. In addition to being recognized in the media for his contributions to art, he has appeared in Traveling West Virginia, Three Rivers on PBS, Cash and Treasures on the Travel Channel and in Smithsonian Magazine for other works.

After earning a degree in Fine Arts, Hays was honored with a graduate assistant position at Marshall University with renowned West Virginia artist, June Kilgore, and earned a master's degree in painting. The Arts Committee may reschedule or cancel an exhibition at its discretion at any time before its start date. Hays County artists and creators will have time to shine when the San Marcos Price Center begins preparations for its third annual International Women's Day exhibition. If the Arts Committee receives a complaint stating that a particular work of art is mocking, vulgar, appalling, or offensive to visitors, it will review the complaint and make a decision to move or remove it.

The lender is responsible for all aspects of a transaction to sell works of art that are displayed at the Hays County Government Center.

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