Exploring the Cultural Arts Program at Hays County Government Center

Discover how you can explore local arts initiatives through exhibitions at Hays County Government Center! Learn more about submitting proposals & more.

Exploring the Cultural Arts Program at Hays County Government Center

The Cultural Arts Program at the Hays County Government Center is an innovative initiative that seeks to foster public discourse, understanding, and appreciation of the visual arts. Through a series of ongoing exhibitions, the program showcases local art initiatives and encourages citizens to explore the cultural and economic initiatives of the Hays County metropolitan area. The Hays County Government Center is not a traditional gallery, so the artwork displayed in these public areas must be suitable for an office setting and for public officials, county employees, and citizens who conduct business transactions in the building to view. The Arts Committee is the sole curator of an exhibition at the Hays County Government Center, with complete discretion over the selection and placement of artworks.

Organizations or individuals wishing to exhibit an exhibition at the Hays County Government Center must submit a proposal to the Arts Committee. The proposal should include images of the artwork to be displayed, information about the individual artists, a proposed design, and proposed installation methods. The artwork in an exhibition will be loaned to the County by the artist or organization at no cost to the County. The person or organization providing the artwork is responsible for the cost of delivery.

The facility must comply with plans approved by the Arts Committee. The Arts Committee will decide on the location or arrangement of pieces. Works of art submitted in electronic format may be shown without audio portion, if any, at the discretion of the Arts Committee and as needed to conduct its business activities at the Hays County Government Center. Works of art that are exhibited at the Hays County Government Center during an exhibition will remain in place until the end of the exhibition, unless the Arts Committee approves their early removal.

The organization or artist who lends works of art for an exhibition at the Hays County Government Center must provide an adequate replacement, subject to approval by the Arts Committee, for works removed from an exhibition before its completion. The Arts Committee may reschedule or cancel an exhibition at its discretion before its start date. The county is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the organization or artist in lending artwork related to a rescheduled or canceled exhibition. The Arts Committee may also cancel an exhibition on display if it determines that cancellation is necessary to protect artwork or because of an unexpected use of the building.

The organization or artist providing work of art will deliver it for an exhibition and all related components, including stands, descriptive summary, and other informational material as required in loan agreement on date specified in loan agreement. All submitted two-dimensional artworks must be framed or mounted and ready to hang. All three-dimensional works of art presented must be self-supporting or include a support. Art presented in electronic medium must be accompanied by appropriate audio and video equipment. The Arts Committee will oversee installation and uninstallation of works of art for an exhibition.

If approved in writing by building manager, lender can uninstall exhibition or help Arts Committee dismantle and remove all works of art and other components of exhibition. The Arts Committee may allow works of art to be removed and replaced at specific times during an exhibition. The Arts Committee will select works of art that are appropriate and appropriate in terms of subject matter and quality for functions of Hays County Government Center. If Arts Committee receives complaint that particular work of art is mocking, vulgar, appalling, or in any way offensive to visitors, it will review complaint and make decision to move or remove work that was subject of complaint. The Hays County Government Center cannot be used for private events; however, county and organization or artist providing artwork can collaborate on special events such as receptions or lectures related to exhibitions. The hours of operation for the arts center in Hays County vary depending on what type of event is taking place. Generally speaking, exhibitions are open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday; however, special events may have different hours depending on their nature.

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