Exploring the Arts Center in Hays County: A Comprehensive Guide

Hays CISD is committed to providing students with a balanced educational experience that includes participation in fine arts. From joining a band or theater group to taking part in competitions and performances, explore all opportunities available at Hays County's

Exploring the Arts Center in Hays County: A Comprehensive Guide

Hays CISD is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive educational experience that includes the fine arts. From joining a band or theater group to taking part in competitions and performances, there are plenty of opportunities for students to explore their creativity. The Dougherty School of the Arts also offers an adult art program that is devoted to enriching the Austin community with hands-on artistic experiences. Professional artists are hired to share their expertise and investigate new ideas with students.

Classes provide a great way for students to experience creativity and personal growth. The Visual Artists Residency is an exchange program that is open to visual artists who live in the Austin area (in Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Hays, Travis or Williamson counties). This program offers an immersive professional development experience to emerging and established artists. Works of art submitted electronically may be displayed without the audio portion, if any, at the discretion of the Arts Committee and as needed to conduct its business activities at the Hays County Government Center. The County will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the works of art on loan to the County, but is not responsible for damage or theft, except in cases covered by the Fine Arts insurance policy. The lender is responsible for all aspects of a transaction involving the sale of works of art that are displayed at the Hays County Government Center. The works of art displayed in these public areas must be appropriate for an office environment and for public officials, county employees, and citizens who carry out business transactions in the building to view.

The Arts Committee may allow a lender to install the exhibition under their supervision or provide at least one person to assist in the installation of the exhibition by the Arts Committee. The Arts Committee may invite organizations or individuals to submit a proposal for an exhibition at the Government Center. If approved in writing by the building manager, the Arts Committee can allow the lender to uninstall an exhibition or help them dismantle and remove all works of art and other components of an exhibition. Every organization or artist that lends works of art for display at the Hays County Government Center must submit a full loan agreement to the Arts Committee. Works of art that are exhibited at the Hays County Government Center throughout an exhibition will remain in place until the end of the exhibition, unless otherwise approved by The Arts Committee. An organization or individual who wishes to exhibit an exhibition at the Hays County Government Center must submit a proposal to The Arts Committee. The artwork in an exhibition will be loaned to the County by the artist or Organization at no cost to the County.

The Arts Committee may cancel an exhibition on display if they determine that it is necessary to protect the artwork or because of an unexpected use of the building. Public art will not be displayed in courtrooms or in administrative offices located on the first, second, or third floor. If there is a complaint stating that a particular work of art is mocking, vulgar, appalling, or offensive to visitors, then it will be reviewed by The Arts Committee and they will make a decision whether it should be moved or removed. The organization or artist providing work of art must submit it for an exhibition and all related components including stands, descriptive summary and other informational material as required in loan agreement on date specified in loan agreement. Are you looking for updates from Hays County's arts center? You can stay informed about what's happening at Hays County's arts center by following their official Twitter page! The page provides updates on upcoming events and exhibitions as well as information about current exhibitions and programs.

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