Does the Hays County Arts Center Have an Outdoor Space?

Explore what Hays County Arts Center has to offer with this comprehensive guide on their outdoor space.

Does the Hays County Arts Center Have an Outdoor Space?

The Hays CISD Performing Arts Center (PAC) is a magnificent facility situated in the heart of the school district. It has a capacity of almost 1000 people in the auditorium, a cutting-edge sound and video system, and two conference rooms for meetings. The PAC is used for a variety of school district and campus events and performances. Hays County values freedom of expression in the visual arts, but the Government Center does not serve as a gallery or museum.

The County reserves the right to move or remove works of art at its discretion. The display of works of art does not create a public forum. The Arts Committee may cancel an exhibition on display if it is necessary to protect the artwork or due to an unexpected use of the building. If there is a complaint that a particular piece of art is mocking, vulgar, appalling, or offensive to visitors, the county judge will review it and make a decision. If the Arts Committee decides to appoint a selection panel, its members may include county staff and community representatives.

The organization or artist providing the work of art must submit it for an exhibition and all related components, including stands, descriptive summary, and other informational material, as required in the loan agreement. The Arts Committee may reschedule or cancel an exhibition at its discretion before its start date. Jamie Pettit, president of the ProjectArt board and mixed media artist/art teacher who taught art at an elementary school for 20 years in Austin I., believes that art is essential and is passionate about ProjectArt's mission to advocate for art education in the Wimberley area. Works of art that are exhibited at the Hays County Government Center throughout an exhibition will remain in place until its end date, unless the Arts Committee approves their early removal. The organization or artist who lends works of art for an exhibition must provide an adequate replacement, subject to approval by the Arts Committee, for works removed before its completion. Every organization or artist that lends works of art for display at the Hays County Government Center must submit a full loan agreement to the Arts Committee. The Cultural Arts Program presents ongoing exhibitions at the Hays County Government Center to showcase local artistic efforts and encourage public dialogue, understanding, and appreciation of visual arts.

Works of art submitted in electronic format may be shown without audio portion, if any, at the discretion of the Arts Committee and as needed to carry out its business activities at the Hays County Government Center. The Hays County fine art insurance policy covers works of art lent to the county for display while on premises under care of county staff.

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